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Gaueko's first book on funerary art, its message, its drama, beauty and melancholy are perfectly portrayed in this careful edition. Contemplating each image means contemplating a world, a past life, an emotion, a farewell, a memory and above all a memorial of the mortality of men.
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With "Nobody" Gaueko immerses himself in a desolate and abandoned world where once there was life and now represents the most absolute solitude. Places that keep great secrets of history, as well as good and bad memories that for some will touch the supernatural and for others will be, simply, places fallen into oblivion. However, this representative homage to those intriguing whispers of history will make the visitor a moment of intrigue, suspicion and fear.

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In this third book, Gaueko introduces us into an icy world, between reality and fantasy, transporting us to beautiful landscapes where magic, daydreaming and reality go hand in hand. Cold and frost will penetrate through all the pores of your skin.
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In this fourth book Gaueko introduces us into a fascinating world of extravagant and futuristic forms where each scene transports us to an environment in which we can recreate with our imagination formulating possible utilities and locations of each place shown.
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Fotografía Pictorialista



"Pictorial Photography" is Gaueko's fifth book that brings together a small part of the artist's work with commented images and that expresses from the verse, historical data, criticism and a long list of formulas to comment on each of his works.

The book consists of 160 full-color pages with padded covers.


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This book contains the foundations of the Noktaru language.Written entirely in Noktaru language.

Not available.




   Sitra Ahra (Piano sheet music)



    Available at: gauekogoni.bandcamp.com/



   Helada (Piano sheet music)



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    Luna de medianoche (Pipe organ sheet music)


     Available at: gauekogoni.bandcamp.com/



   Macrocosmos (Piano sheet music)



    Available at: gauekogoni.bandcamp.com/



Der fliegende Reiter (Piano sheet music)


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